Potty Training Solutions for Kids

Potty training solutions for kids can be found at the Ginsey Home Solutions website at ginsey.com.  Among the many helpful potty training solutions are those that call for finding unique potty training locations for your child.

One of the many helpful potty training solutions for kids at ginsey.com from Ginsey Home Solutions involves identifying unique potty training locations throughout the house.

Other potty training solutions for kids at ginsey.com include ensuring that these unique potty training locations remain the same in each room.  Two other helpful potty training solutions from Ginsey Home Solutions are: “More than one bathroom means more than one potty” and “Two floors in your house means one potty per floor.”

Solutions for Potty Training

thomas-potty-trainerSolutions for potty training from Ginsey Home Solutions come in many varieties.  Our effective potty training products provide new parents with many potty training solutions.

Our solutions for potty training range from such potty training products as soft seats and step stools to effective potty training techniques involving reward stickers.  Need potty training solutions? Ginsey Home Solutions has them!

If solutions for potty training are needed in your house, go to www.ginsey.com for many effective potty training products from Ginsey Home Solutions.  We are your number one source for potty training solutions.

Potty Training Solutions for Dogs

Potty training solutions for dogs come in many varieties, but some of the most effective potty training solutions can be found with Best in Show! Pee Pads.  Ginsey Home Solutions offers this and many more dog potty training solutions.

Such potty training solutions for dogs as Best in Show! Pee Pads from Ginsey Home Solutions provide your pet with confidence for more effective potty training than any other dog potty training solutions.

Effective potty training solutions for dogs from Ginsey Home Solutions give your pooch a personal space to “conduct business” with Best in Show! Pee Pads.  Visit www.ginsey.com for more dog potty training solutions.

Unique Potty Training Solutions

Elmo potty seatUnique potty training solutions are available from Ginsey Home Solutions at ginsey.com.  One of the more helpful potty training solutions involves finding unique potty training locations for your child.

One of these unique potty training solutions is to find unique potty training locations for your child’s potty seats throughout the house.  Many parents have found one of the more helpful potty training solutions to be having a potty seat on floors of your house that your child frequents most and near rooms they are in most often.

Unique potty training solutions also can include ensuring that the potty training locations remain the same within each room to promote a level of familiarity and comfort.  This will help your child get accustomed to these unique potty training locations.  Two other helpful potty training solutions are: “More than one bathroom = more than one potty” and “If you have two floors in your house = one potty per floor.”

Thomas The Tank Engine Potty Training System

Our Thomas 3 in 1 Potty Trainer is actually 3 potty training devices in 1 simple to use device. Thomas is a really reliable engine and our potty training system is also quite reliable and useful even after your child is potty trained.

This clever all-in-one device is designed for every stage of potty training to support your child’s progression. Thomas always gets there on-time and now so will your kids!

Starts training process on their level. Designed with a non-spill bowl for easy clean up.


Welcomes child to adult toilet (standard or elongated seats)


Provides a solid base for your child to reach the potty and sink



SpongeBob Soft Potty Seat

The Ginsey Spongebob Soft Potty Seat is great for both boys and girls. This potty training seat features Spongebob and his dopey but lovable pal Patrick Star fishing for jellyfish in Bikini Bottom. If your kids (our you) watch the show, then you know the crazy adventures Patrick and Spongebob have when they go “Jellyfishing”. The seat features two white grip handles and a deflector shield to prevent little boys from peeing on the floor while sitting down.


Dora the Explorer Soft Potty Seat

The Ginsey Dora the Explorer Soft Potty Seat is the perfect potty training seat for any little girl. The potty seat is trimmed in pink and features the lovable Dora and her trusty monkey Boots dancing about in a field of pink and purple flowers. Dora is shown wearing a very lady-like pink dress rather than her traditional Dora the Explorer garb. Dora knows that going on the potty is the lady-like thing to do and she is here to help your daughter succeed.


Elmo Air Cushioned Potty Seat

This Sesame Street Elmo Potty Seat is air cushioned and is slightly larger than our traditional soft potty training seats. I own this potty seat and have used it quite successfully while potty training my son Colin. He was a late starter to say the least and he is also pretty big for his age. The other potty seats we tried with him were simply too small and uncomfortable. This Elmo potty seat seemed to be a bit larger and allowed him to and do his business in much more comfort. Another benefit for older kids is that this potty seat does not feature a large “splash guard” but rather a smaller deflector. I know that many parents love the splash guard built into our other products but my son was a bit older and found it to be intrusive because of his larger size.

My wife really liked that that the top (blue portion) of the seat could be removed for easy cleaning. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to any potty training parent, especially those with older children.


Elmo Soft Potty Seat

The Sesame Street Elmo Soft Potty Seat is perfect for potty training both girls and boys. Every kid loves Elmo and his entertaining and educational antics. This soft cushioned potty seat is primarily white in color (gender neutral) and features Elmo snorkeling among his fishy friends. This potty training seat fist snug over most toilet bowls and features handles for your child to hold on to while doing his/her business. The front of the seat has a built-in “splash guard” to prevent your little fireman from spraying down the bathroom.

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