Potty Training Failures

Every parent has had some potty training failures along with the potty training successes. It usually doesn’t mean anything in terms of your child’s ability to be potty trained. Let me give you a few examples of potty training failures from my own experiences and those of my friends and colleagues.

Potty Training Regression
This is arguably the most biggest frustration during potty training. Many children regress to going in their pants after they seem to be potty trained. My pediatrician told me that our son was likely doing this because of recent addition of his new baby brother. This is a way for a child to try to gain more of your attention. Show your child extra attention and tie it to potty training. You could offer to do something special with him/her IF they can go all day without going in their pants.

Sudden Increase in Accidents
You child may seem to be doing fine with potty training and then seems to have an increase in accidents. This WILL happen. You child may be potty trained but now lacks the sense of urgency conveyed when you were actively trying to get them to this point. Just keep asking your child if they need to go potty every hour or so. This will put it back in the forefront of his/her mind.

Going Potty (but not in the potty)
If you have little boys this is all to common. They believe that the world is their own personal toilet. My son decided to make it his job to tinkle everywhere but the toilet at one point. He urinated in his room, in the tub and outside (to my horror) with all of the neighbors watching. This is really just a phase. Your child understands that going in their pants is no longer acceptable but has yet to understand that pee-pee and poo-poo belong ONLY in the toilet. Consider this a potty training success rather than a potty training failure.



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