Disney Pixar Cars Potty Trainer

The Disney Pixar Cars Potty Trainer makes potty training children easier than ever before. This kid-friendly potty trainer packs three valuable features into one simple to use and exciting product for your child. Make the potty training process fun for your child by allowing them to learn with his or her favorite Cars characters such as Lightning McQueen!

The Potty Training System can be utilized in a number of different ways including:

Floor Potty
Potty Training at its simplest level. Bring the toilet to your child’s level by allowing the child to start with a much simpler process of going to the bathroom.

Detachable Potty Seat
Does your child think he or she is ready for the next level? If so, then let them take their cushy Cars Toilet Seat with them to the adult toilet (standard or elongated seats).

Step Stool
Let your Cars Potty Trainer provide value even after you have taught your child to use the adult toilet by using it to provide a solid stool for reaching the potty and the sink.