Minnie Mouse Potty Seat

Teaching your little princess to go to the bathroom can be quite tedious if you are not prepared. Learning to use a toilet is a scary experience for most toddlers, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be for your child! Enthuse her the next time she gets ready to use the toilet with the Minnie Mouse potty seat so she is calmer when the time comes to get down to business.

The Minnie Mouse potty seat is sure to provide a more comforting experience for any child that may feel uneasy about using a real toilet. Make teaching your little girl how to go to the bathroom exciting and new!

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Sesame Street Elmo Potty Seat

Going to the bathroom has never been more fun for children who use the Sesame Street Elmo Potty Seat. Learning to use a toilet can be scary for children, but this comfortable and welcoming potty seat makes the transition much easier.

Not only will using this cushy Elmo Potty Seat be a thrilling experience for your kids, but it will also make clean up a breeze for you because of the potty seat’s removable cushion. Both designs are equipped with a built-in deflector to make sure everything stays in the toilet.

The Sesame Street Elmo Potty Seat comes in two designs:

Sesame Street Elmo Air Cushioned Potty
Sesame Elmo Soft Potty Seat Splish Splash