Solutions to Potty Training Problems

Here are some solutions to your common potty training problems. We have heard just about every problem there is when it comes to potty training and we have the answers to quite a few of them. Here are three of the most common issues.

Potty Training Problem #1
My son keeps peeing on the floor when seated on the toilet to make #2.

Solutions to Potty Training Problem #1
We heard this problem so many times that we actually invented a solution. It is called the splash guard. Many of our potty seats now come equipped with a built in splash guard for little squirts. This shield prevents little tinklers from spraying pee over the seat when they are seated to make #2.

Potty Training Problem #2
My child refuses to use her potty chair no matter what we do. all of her siblings have used the same one with no problems.

Solutions to Potty Training Problem #2
She may never use the potty chair. We have seen this happen many times. Some children  want so much to be like their parents or older siblings that they refuse any “baby seats”. Buy her a cute step stool and try allowing her to sit on the regular toilet. This may give her the confidence she needs to go.

Potty Training Problem #3
My child seems interested in his potty seat but every time we put him on it he never goes.

Solutions to Potty Training Problem #3
Buy a potty hook and hang the seat there when not in use. Show your child how to put the seat over the toilet himself and explain that he can do this all by him self. Ask your child is he or she needs to go to the bathroom but rather than taking them yourself, simply say. “Go ahead, go get your potty seat”. This will really help your child to OWN his or her potty time.


Potty Training Solutions for Boys

I have two boys so I feel well qualified to offer potty training solutions for boys. We all know that boys and girls have different plumbing and thus have different needs for potty training. Here are some solutions that I have used quite successfully

Potty Seats vs Potty Chairs
Potty chairs just didn’t cut it for my boys. Boys like to “stand-n-spray” when they pee and a floor potty was just a recipe for disaster. My boys did not want to sit to pee either. Rather than have a floor potty chair for #2 and then take them to the big boy potty for #1 we decided it is just easier (and less disgusting) to use the big boy potty for everything. We did get a lot of use from an Elmo potty seat that fit over the regular toilet.

Step Stools
If you have a boy then you MUST buy a step stool. My boys loved using the stool to go pee-pee in the toilet. It made them feel like big boys and prevented a lot of messes. My oldest son still uses the step stool to brush his teeth.

Potty Training Accessories
I used a couple of potty training accessories with mixed results. We have a potty hook that is intended to hang the potty seat on the toilet tank. Just like everything else in my house, the kids never hung the potty seat back on the hook where it belongs. I eventually started using the potty hook to hang the potty seat on the back of the door where visitors didn’t have to see it. We had great successes with tinkle targets. They are flush-able designs that your boys can pee on. My kids love to aim their pee and this potty training solution helped them keep it in the toilet.

Disney Pixar Cars Potty Trainer

The Disney Pixar Cars Potty Trainer makes potty training children easier than ever before. This kid-friendly potty trainer packs three valuable features into one simple to use and exciting product for your child. Make the potty training process fun for your child by allowing them to learn with his or her favorite Cars characters such as Lightning McQueen!

The Potty Training System can be utilized in a number of different ways including:

Floor Potty
Potty Training at its simplest level. Bring the toilet to your child’s level by allowing the child to start with a much simpler process of going to the bathroom.

Detachable Potty Seat
Does your child think he or she is ready for the next level? If so, then let them take their cushy Cars Toilet Seat with them to the adult toilet (standard or elongated seats).

Step Stool
Let your Cars Potty Trainer provide value even after you have taught your child to use the adult toilet by using it to provide a solid stool for reaching the potty and the sink.


Thomas The Tank Engine Potty Training System

Our Thomas 3 in 1 Potty Trainer is actually 3 potty training devices in 1 simple to use device. Thomas is a really reliable engine and our potty training system is also quite reliable and useful even after your child is potty trained.

This clever all-in-one device is designed for every stage of potty training to support your child’s progression. Thomas always gets there on-time and now so will your kids!

Starts training process on their level. Designed with a non-spill bowl for easy clean up.


Welcomes child to adult toilet (standard or elongated seats)


Provides a solid base for your child to reach the potty and sink